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ASM Global Launches VenueShield Environmental Hygiene Program

April 29

Industry-leading protocols to provide trusted protection for the live experience
when facilities across the globe begin to reopen and welcome guests back

(Los Angeles, CA, April 29, 2020) — As local communities around the world
consider reopening parts of their economies in the safest way possible, ASM
Global, the world’s leading venue management and services company, today
announced plans to launch a new environmental hygiene protocol in
response to evolving guest expectations, stemming from the coronavirus
pandemic. VenueShield, a comprehensive and best-in-class program, will be
deployed at more than 325 ASM Global facilities around the world, providing
the highest levels of cleanliness and safety, while inspiring consumer
confidence, all in partnership with leading medical professionals, industry
experts and public health officials.
“At the very heart of this effort is our focus on making our employees, tenants
and guests safe and comfortable in a welcoming environment,” said Bob
Newman, President and CEO of ASM Global. “ASM’s unique and unmatched
worldwide footprint of leading convention centers, arenas, stadia and theaters
provides the input, data and resources to adapt to our guests’ needs and
expectations while further enhancing the quality of their experience in our
VenueShield will provide the most advanced hygienic safeguards that serve
ASM Global’s clients, guests, staff, teams, talent and all other visitors. Protocols
will vary based on the type of facility and will be further customized for each
unique location. All policies will be aligned with - and informed by - public
health authorities, medical and industry experts.
“We realize that each of our venues across the globe are economic engines
for their respective communities, representing local tax revenues, travel
revenues and jobs. We look forward to re-opening these local and regional
economic foundations, stimulating local economies, and again delivering the
entertainment experience that has defined us for decades.” Newman added.
ASM Global’s VenueShield Task Force will be implementing new protocols
and procedures at its facilities, in accordance with international health care
guidelines from the CDC, NHS, PHAA and WHO, among others. These
extensive measures will explore the use of personal protective equipment
(PPE), food safety measures, air quality control, surface cleaning, physical/
social distancing, temperature checks, thermal cameras, hand sanitizers,
reduced touch points, contactless transactions, daily monitoring systems, and
more. The VenueShield protocol relies on the Task Force to build unique and
customized programs, while monitoring data on a daily basis. Additionally,
ASM has proactively partnered with and will further consult with leading
subject matter experts, health officials and industry leaders in the areas of
industrial hygiene, sanitization and fulfillment to consult on all facets of the
VenueShield program. Specific consultants have been hired to assist with
more technical aspects of the protocol like air purification, filtering and the
maximization of fresh air exchange.
VenueShield will be the ongoing company effort to define the customer
journey of the future. It is designed to provide an evolving approach to the
unique aspects surrounding each of ASM Global’s facilities and is guided by
consistent input from the company’s venue experts around the world,
representing every venue type.
About ASM Global
ASM Global is the world’s leading venue management and services company.
The company was formed by the combination of AEG Facilities and SMG,
global leaders in venue and event strategy and management. The company’s
elite venue network spans five continents, with a portfolio of more than 325 of
the world’s most prestigious arenas, stadiums, convention and exhibition
centers, and performing arts venues. From Aberdeen to Anchorage, and
Sydney to Stockholm, its venues connect people through the unique power of
live experiences.
ASM Global’s diverse portfolio of clients benefit from the company’s depth of
resources and unparalleled experience, expertise and creative problemsolving.
Each day, the company’s 61,000 passionate employees around the
world deliver locally tailored solutions and cutting-edge technologies to
deliver maximum results for venue owners and amazing experiences for
guests. By consistently looking for new ways to envision, innovate and
empower the spaces and places that bring people together, ASM Global
elevates the human spirit while delivering the highest value for all
stakeholders. For more information, please visit
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